SuperAero Field Test and Disc Review

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A few weeks ago I got the news via Facebook that Hero was releasing a light plastic, “indestructible” disc. Needless to say, I found that very interesting. Those of you who know me or have worked with PVybe online or at camps, comps and seminars and such, know that I am all about light plastic.

Problem Solved?

I really like the indestructible discs like Jawz and Superheros, but their flight principles are not ideal for making it easy to make dogs leap for their targets. The discs are too heavy per their diameter to float well. Given the serious chompers on many dogs out there, sometimes using heavy plastic is a tradeoff that must be made.

Abby Cline of PVybe Fargo has this problem with many of her dogs, as do many discdoggers with Cattle Dogs. We have our own resident rim cracker here at PVybe HQ – Prima, aka: Muffin. Now, Prima might look all soft and cuddly and Muffin-esque, but under that layer of cotton candy is a stone cold killer.

Apryl has had a real hard time getting a Drop on cue during freestyle with Prima because light plastic (Airs, Extras & K10s) all get stuck on her canines after every catch. She most often has to pry the disc off her teeth with her paws as she gets back to her handler on the retrieve. It’s been a real pain to deal with.

When we got news from Hero that they had a super durable light plastic disc, the SuperAero, it took
me all of 5 minutes to make the decision to purchase 5 for testing and to start planning a Prima Test.

Arrival and Appearance

The discs arrived on Friday of last week and came packaged with a real nice Happy Hero Holidays disc. Apryl and I tore into the packaging to check them out. They are light and the plastic is soft – the disc is a bit floppy – a bit too floppy?

The plastic is filled with little tiny bubbles, and the rims are smooth and soft. You can see light through the discs, but they are not transparent. For those of you in the know, they remind me of the Hero “Woody” discs. We popped them out tossed them around a bit then promptly did some multiple dog bitework. The discs held up and were dented but not cut in any way. I don’t think the damage was at all permanent.

Leilani Flight Plate Test

Leilani has this interesting little move she does where she stands the disc on end and puts a canine through the flight plate of the disc. When we threw the discs out into our moshing pack, Leilani grabbed the Happy Holidays disc and put a gouging hole in the disc. She tried to replicate it with the SuperAeros and could not. Score one for the indestructible light plastic.

Prima Rim Cracking Test

On Sunday we headed to to our friend’s, the Curran’s, new place across the Hudson for some jamming. Offleash training at HQ is not very frequent – we jam and all, but it’s hard to work the dogs appropriately on lead in a live, urban environment. Anyway, point is, our dogs were really fired up to run and tear it up. Which they did.

After they got their yayas out, we went to work on the SuperAero Test.

It Floats just like light plastic and has durability far closer to Jawz or SuperHeros than to Fastbacks or HeroAirs.

Eight Dog Jam

Prima, Si, Hops, Leilani, Ska, EZ Ryder, Juicy and Kiva all worked with the 5 SuperAeros that we had. It was a major jam session.

The discs performed extremely well from a throwing standpoint. The 45 degree weather firmed up the discs and they were not nearly as floppy as at room temperature. They were just like throwing any normal fastback shaped discs – no appreciable difference.

On the performance end with the dogs, they were spectacular. After 8 dogs for more than an hour’s worth of jamming all of the discs save for one were totally free of any damage. One disc had two tiny little holes, slightly more than dimples, where it looks as if the Mighty jaws of Muffin managed to put a ding on this phenomenal piece of light plastic.

Needless to say, we were quite impressed. 1 Hour of jamming with very little wear on the discs.

Final Thoughts

We will be getting some SuperAeros with the PVybe Logo on them as soon as possible to further test them out. The only thing that concerns me about the discs in terms of performance is the heat. I’m not sure what these would feel like on 90+ degree days. We’ll find out this summer and do a recap.

Right now I throw Extras for the most part, an Air here and there, but I could totally see the SuperAero becoming my disc of choice.

Heavy plastic durability at 105g? That’s nothing short of spectacular!

Prima Super Aero Test