Fargo! In the House!

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Earlier today Abby Cline, founder of PVybe Fargo, arrived here at the farm. Petey, Penny, Dojo and Doc Holiday all made the trip from Fargo to hang out with the HQ crew for a few days to catch up on the latest PVybe training methods and instructional techniques. We’ll be jamming, training and doing a little partying as well. Pretty cool.

After a thunderous and rainy morning, the skies cleared and we tossed some discs and jammed some dogs. Penny, Abby’s special little jammer, got brought up to speed on dismissal and the Economics of Distraction.

We jammed a bunch of dogs right before Puppy Class:

Petey worked on slowing down and collection for leaping, Dojo worked on flips and distance flips, Kiva dialed in a brand new sequence to be unveiled at the USDDN Finals this weekend , and Si and Hops showed off a bit for Abby and the Pybe pack.

After our Sunset Jam Session Abby and Doc Holiday joined us in our Puppy Class. Doc Holiday and Abby have been to 3 of 6 Puppy Class sessions at PVybe HQ since August – that’s quite a commute. Sara MacKinnon of Smack Photo shot a ton of pics of us hanging out with puppies and drinking a few PBRs.

Just about an hour ago, Abby and I wrapped up a midnight training session with Doj, Hops and Tyce.

Hops taught Abby proper squib technique and Doj worked on Spot Training as Set Up move and Squib. Tyce worked on some duration and on not going ape!@#$.

We’re looking forward to shooting some video and posting some pics the fun we’re having here at the farm.